The OCR is a driving force in the development and support of clinical trials. Our office identifies and monitors enterprise-wide metrics describing the level of ongoing industry-sponsored clinical trial activities. We are excited to share these metrics reports. Please visit Additional Resources to access other OCR documents and resources.

OCR Contract Negotiation Metrics

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 Accrual Rates

To enhance our ability to develop performance improvements that increase planned subject accrual into clinical studies – we will begin to measure and report to IU and IU Health senior leadership the accrual rates for all studies currently open to accrual.

Data will be collected from our OnCore (clinical research management system) database at the individual study level and reported in aggregate at a departmental/division level and at the enterprise level.

For more information regarding the accrual metric, please review the Accrual Metric FAQ.

The Guide for Creating the Research Enterprise Accrual Rates By PI Report is an OnCore navigational tool to aid study teams in running accrual reports by PI.